About SchoodieThe Schoodie is the quintessential accessory of sophisticated urban style. Schoodie (pronounced “sku-d-ee”) is a unique hybrid scarf + hood, that has recently evolved as the official name brand for a “hooded scarf”.


The innovative design seamlessly merges a scarf and a hood, with buttons at the end to keep it securely wrapped around the neck. It’s warm, fashionable and versatile. Created in L.A. by a group of designers and young business professionals, the Schoodie is effortless one-stop shopping. This single, non-bulky piece is cosy, comfortable and ridiculously multi-functional. Stay warm without wearing a full jacket. Wrap it up and put the hood on during a cold day. Pair it with a tank top on a cool summer night for effortless style. Wear it out to a sporting event in your favourite team colours. It even looks hot with a bikini (check out our Vegas pics on Facebook) - stay warm out of the pool without hiding your suit or blocking your tan. Not only is the Schoodie “curled up next to a roaring fire” cosy and “cool summer breeze” snuggly, it also creates a mysterious allure. A “je ne sais quoi” fashionability that can’t be defined. It’s uncomplicated and understated. Never forced or overtly trendy. The Schoodie is designed to be worn for any occasion, with any outfit. Hood-up or hood-down. Scarf wrapped around the neck or hanging free and easy. Style the Schoodie to fit your mood. Make it your own.